Can't make fillets on the edges

Hi! I’m trying to round edges with a 1 mm radius. The edges which need to be rounder I’ve assigned to a “1 mm round edges” layer. The diagonal edges from the left and the right side of the shape are the reason for the “round corner” plugin get no success while trying to do the task I suppose. But these edges can’t be removed because the faces can’t be generated without them. By the way, the faces have been generated by the “Curviloft” plugin. I’ve 100x scaled the component copy, of course, in order not to get the problems with the SU tiny faces and entered the rounding radius 100 mm instead of 1 mm but that doesn’t help. Before making rounded edges I’m adding 2.5 mm thickness to the surface and also I need internal edges to be rounded with a 0.5 mm radius (please, look at the screenshot below)

but because of the internal diagonal edges this can’t be done correctly too. I don’t know maybe I need to do manually a lot of fixes but I suppose there must be some easiest way and I’d like to ask your opinion/workflow. Thanks! By the way the same job in Fusion 360 much more easier and I’m trying to figure out what is a problem here in SU with it exactly and why it can’t be done without additional manipulations. I’m attaching .f3d file too if need.
The body.skp file in attachments.
body.skp (78.8 КБ)
body fusion (194.1 КБ)

Any solutions?

j’ai dessiné un rectangle à plat, arrondi les coins avec l’extension “Create radius” rayon 1 mm et 3 facettes par arrondi. Je l’ai extrudé vers le haut.
Tracé la courbe sur le côté et extrudé pour enlever le surplus.
Reste la tranche des bords dans l’emprise des arrondis; Je les extrude vers le bas et adouci les surfaces coplanaires.

hello, have you tried round push pull, also by fredo6 (among joint push pull plugin) ?

you might have to adjust your base model size so it fits your parameters

yes, I’ve tried it. but as you mentioned it needs my base to be adjusted before doing that in order it could meet needed parameters.

SketchUp (SU) has difficulties closing faces which have very small size. A 1 mm radius with arc that have, probably, 12 segment will yield tiny edges that may cause problems.

Try scaling the model up by 100 or even 1000, do you modelling then scale down. SU has no problem keeping closed faces with the scaling operation.

I wrote here that the component has been scaled up to x100, I know about SU tiny faces problems) The problem here is diagonal edges. I don’t know maybe FredoCorner plugin could do it but as long as it is now not free I can’t check it)

FredoCorner seems to do a nice job of it.

hmmm, I expect it could do the task) could you please share .skp file, I’d like to inspect the model and probably will buy the plugin) thanks!

I didn’t keep it.

Just bought FredoCorner plugin and yes this does the rounding excellent. Thanks!