"Filleting" Multiple Corners

I saw this done by Aaron once, in his live builds, where he would create a fillet after creating a 2D square, key-in the size and accept and then somehow click on the other three corners and the fillet would be all the same. I use this method of manually creating fillets (seems safer than using an extension which tends to blow out the 3D object, so as it goes, I create an arc at a corner, specify the size and accept, but then I have to do the same for the other corners, but there has to be a shortcut to do multiple corners with the same specified radius. Any help would be appreciated.

On 2d what you are describing is a part of the native arc tool. Pull an arc tangent (magenta) click then move back toward the corner until it turns magenta again. Then type a radius. Double click subsequent corners.

Ok, so I tried it as you describe, but it didn’t work with the 3-point arc. I was able to do it with the 2-point arc. Thanks. It’s a little different from the way I usually do it with the 3-point arc, but this will save more time in the long run, thanks.

How about showing us what you are trying to accomplish? I bet there’s an easy way to deal with it.

That’s what it works with.

If I knew how to show you, I would. My old way of filleting, was using the 3-point arc, much in the way the two-point works with the example provided above, making sure I had a magenta arc, to key-in the radius. I was just unaware that only the 2-point arc command could do multiple fillets at once.

The double click in the corner to repeat the fillet will work with both the 3 point and the 2 point arc.

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Well thanks for that, but I had trouble getting that to work, hence why I tried the 2-point. No matter, at least I wasn’t seeing things, when I saw this done before.

Glad to see I’m not the only one still struggling after at least 6 years with SU to do this. Which tool and what steps to put a given radius fillet on any corner?
Use 3/8" or 10mm as an example.
I’ve always put down guides to do this. Seem to be much easier in other cad programs where you enter a dim and touch one of the two lines leading into a corner. Today I was able to get the double click to radius additional corners after doing the first one to work.

Seems like you are asking about what was already described above?

Besides that method, you can also use the Entity Info tray:

Thanks for the video @brianmowrey.

Still hard to understand why a search of the latest SU help has only two references to the word fillet and neither of those references help with what’s shown in the video. I’ve searched this topic many times before and for whatever reason never stumbled on this post from back in 2016 that I discovered today.

In several post where people are trying to figure this out other still recommend plugins to do this traditional cad command. You have to read through many forum posts where people ask about this simple command related to SketchUp and then others respond with answers about how it works in Layout. If the Help File is where users expect to start figuring things out that’s where this should be addressed and not on a user forum or YouTube search.

And while on a soap box, do I have to do another deep dive to figure out Chamfer?

You aren’t the first to comment on SketchUp documentation. I wonder if one of the issues is that SU is tool oriented and there is no “fillet” or “chamfer” tool. There is only one of the arc tools that happens to have a fillet function. E.g. in CAD I have fillet, chamfer, and an arc tool (and many variations). Whatever I do the arc tool is not that great for making a fillet unless I lay it out carefully myself. But SU arc tool can.

Well, SketchUp wouldn’t be SketchUp if the UI were designed from application- level to tool-, resulting in a hundred different native tools, rather than tool- to application, resulting in like four tools. But that’s the whole allure…

This fillet is a useful function (as the video describes) but is sort of one of the hidden bits within the simplified SU interface. Is it in the Doh Book?

There’s also an irritating behaviour (bug?) the fillet operation (as demonstrated in my simplistic video).

Often, when working with geometry that has either been imported (with edge breaks) or flattened (and curves/edges get ‘exploded’), this issue makes working with 2d lines error-prone. Sometimes the little bits of “overhanging” edge are tiny and very difficult to detect.

(In my video I’ve made this issue it easier to see by adding a perpendicular edge to where the break is).

With the native Arc/Fillet tool, it won’t let you fillet two edges that don’t already form a face - but I dont see why this can’t be changed so that you can auto-fillet any two selected edges?

I also think SketchUp would be improved if the starting point of your arc snapped according to what your radius was. So if i had 5m entered for my arc radius, I should be able to hover over any corner and easily start drawing my arc from a position 5m back from the corner (along either edge).

PS I would like to see a mode implemented for the Simplify Contours tool which can smooth all corners in your selection to a chosen radius and with the chosen arc segments.
I think Simplify Contours is probalby the right place to add this tool but it could be renamed to “simplify contours and curves”

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