Rectangles with rounded corners

What’s a good extension for making rectangles with rounded corners

The native 2-Point Arc tool can quickly round the corners of a rectangle.

Or TIG’s 2D Tools has a fillet tool that works nicely for that.


I know this post is six years old, but can someone tell me how DaveR was able to trim the corners using the 2-Point arc tool so quickly, and then repeat the process on the remaining three corners? I’m guessing after draw the arc, he presses some button to trim the corner, and then when he hovers the mouse on some other corner, he presses some other button to repeat the process.

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017, which is technically newer than this post.

With the arc tool use double click to finish the arc and if it is a single face the corner will trim off. Then go near the other corners and double click to repeat the process.

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Wow, that works! Is the double-click to repeat a feature of other tools? I’m amazed that the arc tool can tell that there’s another corner and it rotates automatically.

Yes many tool repeat with double click, try pushpull for example.

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Here’s a simple example, arc double click, offset double click, pushpull double click.
So all corners are the same, the offsets the same and the steps the same.
GIF 16-05-2022 2-08-14 PM

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