Rounding and filleting corners in a tool


Hopefully this feature already exist but can´t find it.

I´m doing a lot of 2d drawing and I recently found out that Arc tool had a automatic function and that’s perfect!
But in other CAD programs you can trim an rectangle by clicking on two lines and getting the corner rounded in a desired radius and that tool is missing for me.

Is there a plugin for that?

Anyway let say you have a rectangle and you want those sharp corners changed to a certain radius for example 4mm.
One way is to use the Tape measuring tool and the Arc tool to do the work but here is the request.

It would be handy to grab the Arc or Line tool.
And when you are getting close to a corner in a rectangle for example, the snap tool finds the corner and goes green and a command key like shift + E and you will find distance in the measurement box as you follow the line to select a starting point for your tool.

This tool would speed up my work I think but if there is a radius trim tool doing the job I rest my case…

BR //Martin

Use one guide or an edge to find the starting point on one edge, use the magenta inference on a two point arc with double click to finish. Then double click near any other corners to repeat the same radius fillet.Here’s a quick example.


If you need a plugin for this, you can have a look at the fillet tool from TIGs 2D tools…

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