How can I apply certain radius to a corner?



Hi everybody.

I’m doing an exercise to practice and I need to apply a 3.5 radius on every corner.
I know how to do it using a long process (drawing a circle with that radius and looking for inference point, sorry about my English).
I wonder if there is a faster way. EDIT: forget about drawing circles, The fastest way I know would be drawing guide lines and then using the arc two points tool)
The red circles is where I want to make the corner looks round.


This is my file.

solido13.skp (13.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.


Layout a guide point 3.5 mm along one edge from a corner. Start in the upper left corner for instance. Use inferencing to draw an arc at that corner from the guide. Then just double click in each successive corner.


See this post:


Take a look at this: Fillet tool extension?


Thank you all. I’ll take a look to those posts and extensions.

I misunderstood the “blueprints” and not all corners needed to be round.
For the rest of them I did as DaveR suggested in first instance, I used guide lines, and click on the inference point and click again when it told me it was a tangent arc.

I got this error and I scale it x100 and after finish the shape I scale x0.01 to fix it, not sure if it’s the right way.


This is the final result.

And this is the file with the result.

solido13_3.skp (466.8 KB)

I took the exercise from here.

Sorry because it’s in Spanish but I can translate it for you if someone needs.

PS: sorry if I give 1 like to all posts, but everybody had contributed.

Thanks again.


I didn’t get this to work "Then just double click in each successive corner."
Can someone show me an example just for a rectangle?. Double click on the rest of the corners doesn’t work for me (I bet I’m doing something wrong).


Double click on the rest of the corners.


Cool, I was doing doble click on the endpoint corner, I even tried on every edge but nothing happened, hahah. now it’s clear, I know other tools works alike.


try again… :slight_smile:


Cool Mike I didn’t know it was possible to change the radius for an arc after drawing it :frowning:


The “1001 bit tools” extensions has both fillet and chamfer commands. They work similar to their CAD counterparts. It’s great and will work in this instance. IMO Everyone should have it…Mick C

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