Round edges of open rectangle

Hello, in my attached file, I wanted to be able to round the edges of the open rectangles. I tried using the 2 point arc but it is not working. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks.8pt72.skp (101.6 KB)

Fredo round corner for the win!

I used it for this TV that is just a general SketchUp cube

It’s free by the way and one of the biggest life savers ever aside from maybe Artisan Tools.

why do you want to round them and at what radius?
The square measures 18 kilometers x15 kilometers, It would take a few hours to get to the next corner by feet…

Oh sorry I am on my phone didn’t see the model, so not a cube but a plane! Oops

@liamk887… It’s OK… Frdeo is still a winner, in my book!

you don’t have a viewer on that phone?:wink:

I hope he’s coming to basecamp I owe him a beer!

Indirectly he got me my first job… And my second…!

Belive it or not, no, blame corporate IT.

I think because this is a helix, the lines are not coplanar. I would use the tape measure tool to mark the extent of your curve from the corner outwards on each line and then join those two points with another line. Then use the arc tool and the new surface will keep the inference point in a good spot. Then delete the sharp corner.

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Hello whiterabbitdesigncompany I put the tape measure as you suggested but I still can’t rid of the sharp corner. Is it possible to give a short graphic of your solution?

This is what I have on one of the corners:


draw out with the tape from the corner along the lines, type in distance.(1)
join those two points to create a triangular surface (2)
Use arc tool (set amount of sides/facets accordingly). as you drag it out, make sure its a blu dot to show its on the surface.(3)

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You are drawing in the wrong context, eg. you placed the edges in a group. If you edit that, it will work. Still, what are you drawing? at such a large scale, one would notice the corner is rounded if it’s radius was 1000 feet and beyond.

Double click to enter the group, select the Arc tool (A) and click on an edge for the first (start)point of the Arc, then hoover along the other edge till the bulge becomes magenta… Double-click!

if you are still in the context and select the Arc, you can change it’s radius in the entity info panel:

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