Best way to construct fillets on edges

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Another newbie question; whats the best way to place a fillet on an edge? For example, I want to put a 3mm fillet on the edge shown with the red arrow.

I can construct it of course, but I wondered if there was a nicer way to do it.

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Draw an arc

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Thanks mihai.s, but how do you put the specified radius (i.e. 3mm) on the arc?

Use the magenta inference.
You click on the first magenta, them move back along the edge until it turns magenta again, then type what you want and hit enter. Here I have used a 3 as it is the unit set for this model, but I could have added mm if I didn’t want the unit default.


Hi Box, sorry for not replying sooner. That looks exactly what I’m after! Can you tell me a bit more about the ‘magenta interface’ and how to turn it on please?

Many thanks