' ' Sketch up for IPad Go Plan.-

This is all new to me being a part of a forum, so looking forward to being part of the SketchUp community.
I am using SketchUp for IPad on the go plan and was wondering if there was a simple solution for adding a fillet radius to a sketch or 3D component?

Probably using Follow Me. The exact steps depend exactly on what you are trying to model, though.

Thanks Dave,
I just found a way by using the tape measure tool. I created a square and offset the edges equally, then used the two point arc option to create the fillets.

You only need to set one offset, then use the Magenta inference to make your arc, magenta tells you when the arc is equidistant from the corner, then a double click will remove the excess. Then a double click near any other corners will repeat the process.
I’ve done this on desktop but it works the same on ipad.
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Oh wow!
That is fantastic! Thank you so much.