Fredo6 Round Corner


I am trying to make my wall corners round. one side of the wall is rounded well but with the other wall it make weird triangle, first I thought might its my geometry mistake I deleted my wall and made a new one but its showing same result.


could you share your file, so we can see if the wall itself has a problem ? share the file with the problematic curves, not the one before. or both actually. both is good :slight_smile:

meanwhile, here is the normal step by step :

select ALL the edges you want to make round, then use the tool and validate.
What happens sometimes is that people grab either too many lines or too few, and if they grab too few, then it’s messy / nigh impossible to make it fine afterward. see the videos attached. first one is correct (ignore the exact parameters, I used what was already there), second one I didn’t grab the top line and had to try and fix it after.

in your first image, it looks like you rounded the sides but not the top, like my second video.
and in your second image, you have 19 lines selected, all around the model apparently.

yes, I just notice 19 lines , but why it is selecting 19 lines ?? I just selected the line I wanted to be round like the one I did earlier.

I made a new skp file made walls and cornered it and it worked well.

my file is quite big its my final project which I want to render. I deleted my walls made new walls and it worked well but I see a shade on my wall.

why is it so?