Fredo Corner

I made my wall corners a bit of round as in real world. for this I used Fredo Corner extension, while rounding wall corners it created this geometry on my wall. I want to use wall paper above wainscoting rail. I need to have one single face to have wallpaper.

how can I remove this extra geometry?

This probably doesn’t really have anything to do with FredoCorner.

Try erasing those hidden edges. If you created the geometry for the wall correctly those edges can be erased with no problem. You could use an extension like CleanUp3 from the Extension Warehouse to merge all planar faces and erase unneeded geometry.

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I have deleted all the extra geometry but when I delete this edge it deletes the right side face

That implies that the edges aren’t coplanar. Perhaps something off very slightly in your modeling process. The easiest thing to do is undo deletion of those edges and just leave them softened. Best thing to do is rebuild the wall so everything is correctly aligned.

I would suggest that you update at least to the last version of SketchUp 2023 if not to SketchUp 2024.