Change round corners back to square

I changed the square corners to round corners using Fredo6 Round Corner tool last month.
Now I would like to change back to square corners. Since it is saved and I can’t roll back how can I do this?

Back up your drawings with incremental saves.

But in this case, the approach might depend on the drawing. It isn’t “undoable” in one shot. You might try a follow-me (or separate push-pulls) of the missing squared portion if it is fairly simple and clean. Otherwise it would involve extending the flat surfaces to the line of intersection. Detailed help might be possible if you want to post the model.

Just to confirm, are you using fredo’s round corner or his newer plugin,: Fredo corner?

With his newer round corner plugin it works parametrically and so has an undo feature. You can go back and click on a rounded corner and change it to a different profile or eliminate it entirely.

With the older version you would have to rebuild the geometry.

I think I am confused - again.
Looks like I have both Fredo6 Fredo Corner v1.6b & Fredo6 Round Corners v3.3 loaded.
CORNER won’t run cause it says has expired but the manager isn’t telling me to update.
So I probably used the old ROUND CORNERS.
I guess it is a redo.

I think you could go over to sketchucation and download the latest version of fredocorner. Then it should work. If your problem file was done using fredo corner then with the working version you should be able to undo it. If it was the older round corner then there isnt an undo option and its a re-do. But worth trying the update first, not only to get the better tool for the future , but it might save you time if it can fix your current issue.

Sounds like your Extensions Loading Policy is strict - set it to ‘Unrestricted’ to allow unsigned Extensions to Load…

it was/is set to unrestricted.
I went to the warehouse and found 1.6c and loaded that.
Isn’t it suppose to notify me if it needs an update?