Easy way to "Unround Corner"?

Love the “Round Corner” extension!

I’ve been having to go back and square off some corners later in the design process. I’ve been doing this “manually” by drawing lines, to extend the rounded edges, pushing the new face, then deleting the internal arc that was edge of the rounded curve.

This is fairly tedious and it seems I’m doing it often. Is there a more efficient way to do it?

If you use FredoCorner instead of RoundCorner you can unround at least some edges. Depending on the shape of the thing and how much unrounding you have to do, it might be easier to stretch out the geometry and cut it off.

I’m using Fredo6 Round Corner. Couldn’t figure out how to do it–there’s no corner edge to select.

Of course I can “undo”, if I want to square if off immediately after doing the round. I mean long time later.

Fredo6’s Rund Corner and FredoCorner are different. FredoCorner offers and Undo feature at least during the SketchUp session. Since you aren’t using that extension, though. I think my other suggestion could be the cleanest method.

I’ll take a look at FredoCorner.

Not sure what you mean by stretching out the geometry. An example of what I’m doing–the vertical edge near the cursor was done in a previous session. But, I now want to round two edges. So, I need to make that vertical corner square again, so I can pick that edge AND the horizontal edge before doing the rounding.

On a related issue–it seems the geometry associated with the round corners somehow gets confused by layers.

When I hide the “top” layer, the rounded corners disappear. So, I thought maybe I accidentally had the top layer as active when I did the rounding.

But, when I hide the “dock” layer, the rounded edges disappear with the rest of the geometry on the dock layer. That would seem to indicate the corners are on the dock layer.

light curtain bracket with dock.skp (3.5 MB)

The .skp file.


You shouldn’t be assigning layers to edges and faces. Layers (Tags in SU2020) are meant to be assigned to components and groups. Layer 0 should be left as active at all times and you should leave Layer 0 assigned to all geometry.

I cleaned up your model first. Purged unused stuff. Corrected the incorrect layer usage…
Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 2_50_47 PM
…and ran CleanUp3.
Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 2_51_16 PM

Then as above,

Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 2_52_58 PM

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I don’t think I ever assigned a layer to an edge. Those corners were created by round corner.

But, I may have drawn other edges with other than layer 0 active. I’ll avoid doing that in the future.

If you are modeling with any layer other than Layer 0 active, you are by default assigning other layers to geometry. Leaving Layer 0 active at all time avoids all sort of problems.