un-Chamfer a part

Is there a way of undoing or modifying a chamfer or beveled corner? I would like to modify the size of the bevel that is already on the part. Is there a plugin that will re-square a corner or modify the existing bevel?

unChamfer.skp (1.2 MB)

How did you add the chamfers to it? If you used FredoCorner there would be an Undo option. Or it’s easy enough to do it manually in several ways.

I drew that part only for the discussion. The parts in question have many chamfers and will take a long time to square up manually. After 3d printing, I realized that they needed to be larger and by then, the parts had been saved. So going undoing Roundcorner was not an option.

If the parts in question have a lot of chamfers that need to be redone, it might be easier to redraw the part instead of undoing the chamfering.

RoundCorner doesn’t have an Undo option. FredoCorner does but you need to have used FredoCorner to make the chamfers in the first place…

I’ve used RoundCorner a lot but never FredoCorner, so a question on FredoCorner’s Undo feature: is its Undo effective even after some other changes have been done to the object? Even if the other post-“cornering” changes had affected the geometry impacted by the “cornering” (such as to drill a hole through a chamfer or clip off a rounding)?

It does undo but you might lose some of the other modifications you’ve made since. Or you might need to do some repair work. Could still be faster than the alternatives.

FWIW, notice the date of the rounding on this model. The Undo operation is still available more than two months later.

Yeah, I had to go through and square-up all the corners manually and then re-bevel them. Someone should make a plugin capable of squaring corners where the theoretical edges would meet.