How to undo round corner (beveled edges)?


Hi all,

I’m looking to see if it’s even possible to undo round corner or beveled edges once it is saved? I realized that my work flow could use a bit of help in order to create layers to avoid starting over completely. This is an incense holder that I’ve been working on but I would like some rounded edges on the inside of the holder instead of the beveled edges. Is there a way to reverse this or would I have to completely start over? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


There’s no way I know of to reverse the round corner operation. You have to make sure you are happy with what you have before confirming the change. An idea might be to save a copy of the original so that you can go back to it if needed. Hindsight can be an ugly thing.
I notice that the model axis have somehow become upside down. You can correct that by right clicking on an axis and choose “reset axis” from the context menu that appears.
The model units you have set are at 6 decimal places, do you really need that kind of precision? Maybe 2 or 3 places would suffice. You really need to enter precise units when doing any sort of accurate modelling, items like this will highlight every error even worse.
Looking at the image I can see that it does not seem symmetrical because of the diagonal hidden lines you have running across every other top face. Also when I try to copy/rotate one of the sculpted faces off what I believe is the centre the last one doesn’t match up.

That’s so far…


I sent you a corrected “undone” round corner file via PM, although there are very slight variations in the symmetry still.


Ahh ok wow, thanks so much for doing that! Yes I seem to have a problem making them perfectly symmetrical. I’m not quite sure about the 6 decimal places. I didn’t realize there were that many. I might have to start over with this one to make sure everything lines up correctly. Thanks again!


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