Can Anyone Help Show Me How to Create this Shape?

Do as I said and use entity info to look up the arcs length. Then you can use the text tool to annotate that on the arc.


The length of the curve given in Entity Info is pretty accurate. As an experiment I looked at the length of a 12 segment arc, then I exploded the arc, looked at the length of a single segment and multiplied by 12. Same answer, exactly.

If you are going to use your SketchUp model to actually build something, any error you make because of inadequate information costs way more than a copy of the parcel map.

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On Mac it’s posible to import pdf’s directly without any extension or converting the pdf to jpg or png.

@francisquitof I knew that but wasn’t sure if that’s Pro only or if it works in Go either…

Not over here, tried with 3 copies of the same arc, changed the sides of 2 of them in 4 and 48 and tried what you said. I got different results, even with display precision set at it’s highest…

They import as a raster image. The PDF @828fqpcbjs posted is a vector file so what I would do is to open it in an illustration application like Inkscape (free) or Illustrator ($$) and save it from there as a DXF file. That can then be imported into Pro or Go and scaled.

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Yip if its Vector data your onto a winner as long as the original CAD drawing is accurate …

Here’s a snippet of the subdivision.

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That shows enough information to recreate 6162J with angles and all, even the radius.

Yep and here it is…

Bucks.skp (976.5 KB)