Can't find the Orbit tool in Sketchup Free

For the life of me I can’t find the orbit tool. I’m new to the browser version of sketchup.

You could use the center mouse button as in the installed version. Or look at the bottom button on the left hand toolbar.

Two methods.

  1. As in desktop SU, use the middle mouse button on a three button mouse
  2. Find the Orbit tool from the menu on the left:

Just found the tool. Thank you

It’s more efficient to use the center mouse button than selecting the tool off the tool bar.

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Yes it is. Somewhere in between the two is using the keyboard shortcut “O” to activate the orbit tool.

@john_mcclenahan Your icons look much sharper than mines. Are you on a high dpi display? They look really fuzzy for me in Safari.
Edit: They look sharp in Chrome.

The shortcut is great Thank you

In the desktop version of SketchUp I don’t use the Orbit tool (I mean, I don’t select it). There are keyboard modifiers that let you orbit at any time. I’m not positive about the Windows keys, but on Mac it’s Control-Command-drag. Control-Command-Shift-drag does Pan. Both of those work in the web page version too.

Yes, an iMac 5K display, and I was using Chrome for SU Free.

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