No Orbit Tool in Toolbar


I used SketchUp for years on a PC running Win XP. Recently, I bought an new PC running Win 8.1 and after downloading SketchUp I find that it has no Orbit tool.
How do I create a 3-d sketch that provides an orbit tool?


Orbit is in the Camera menu, not the Tools menu.


The Orbit tool is also in the Camera toolbar–first tool-- as well as in the Large Toolset.

You should be using the center mouse button for orbit anyway. Then you wouldn’t need the toolbar button and you’d be a whole lot more efficient.


Dave, I feel sure you meant “wouldn’t” need the toolbar button.

I wish SketchUp supported gestures, then I could orbit and zoom with two fingers on my Magic Trackpad.


True. I did mean wouldn’t.

Gestures could be cool.


Huge “Duh”! from me.
The orbit tool was hiding in plain sight. The tool icon had
changed from previous versions with which I was familiar.
Thanks for the help.