Orbit tool in sketchup for web (sketchup shop)

I’m using sketchup shop (sketchup web) and am trying to get better at using the orbit tool. Is there comprehensive documentation somewhere. (I’d be happy to RTFM, if someone can point me to the M). I’ve found some documentation but sometimes it seems to be specific to the desktop app, and sometimes it doesn’t document features that I’ve discovered while experimenting. I’ve tried searching this forum, but have found “answers” that don’t seem to work. Here are my questions:

  1. Whenever I use the orbit tool (either with “O” or with the middle mouse button) with no modifiers it always rotates around whatever is the center of the screen. In several posts on this forum people have claimed that the orbit tool will center the rotation on the object you click on. But when I try this it doesn’t seem to work that way for me. I’m wondering if it is because people are answering based on the desktop application. Are they different? Is there any documentation specifically targeted for sketchup web users (I haven’t found it).

  2. Sometimes when near top down view (When the blue axis is pointed directly out of the screen). using the orbit tool (without control key) in a left right direction sometimes does a wacky unintuitive rotation instead of rotating around the blue axis. I find when this happens I have to move the mouse up and down to force a higher angle to reset gravity, then release the mouse and then try again. Maybe someone has advice?
    EDIT: I just figured out that the odd behavior happens whenever the vanishing point is above the middle of the screen. basically in this state, moving left rotates the model to the right and vice versa. I get into this state from time to time when trying to move groups and attach them to the right spot on a wall and I use a strange angle because it allows me to see a point on a line on the other side of something. This is still very wierd, but I guess I can get used to it now that I know what triggers it.

  3. when in the orbit tool (not the middle mouse button) double clicking centers what you click on. This is really useful. Is there any way to get that functionality while using the middle button version of the orbit tool.

  4. If I am editing a group, and I have turned on “hide rest of model” when I use the control key the orbit tool seems to jump the view to center on the object I’ve clicked on (as if I had double clicked) prior to following my mouse movements to orbit. I can’t find this behavior documented anywhere. Am I getting this right? is this the expected behavior? Sometimes I want this feature when I’m not editing a group, or when I don’t have “hide rest of model” turned on. Sometimes I don’t want this feature but it is forced on me. It feels very random, and it took me many experiments to even figure out when it is happening.

  5. Are there any other hidden features that I haven’t discovered yet?