Make 2016 Right click orbit

I might be missing something here, but i’m sure that while using the Line tool, the right click mouse button has always been assigned to Orbit view. But now after installing Make 2016 it’s not anymore, and I cannot figure out how to manually assign orbit to mouse right click.

Any suggestions?

Orbit is middle mouse, scroll wheel, not right click.

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if it really was your right mouse button, it probably has to do with your mouse settings.
3rd party mouse softwares do allow their buttons to be re-assigned depending on the application you are running.
Make sure your mouse software is dedicated for SketchUp 2016.

Hm, I haven’t had a mouse software installed, but I will look into that.
I have uses Sketchup since it first came out, but only occasionally, so I started to doubt my memory, as If I have this right click from somewhere else. But when using sketchup now, it doesn’t feel right.

So its not possible to change the mouse buttons in Sketchup, only keyboard shortcuts?

And also, if pressing center wheel is default orbit, it does not work on mine

The center mouse button is indeed the default Orbit button and has been since the beginning.

If it doesn’t work with your mouse, you need to look at the Mouse properties in the Control Panel and set the center mouse button to “Middle button.”

Only right click method that I can think of is:

when you are in one of navigation tools (Orbit, Pan, Look Around, Walk, Zoom), you can right click to change the navigation method or exit out of it.

I think there is something else happening if your memory is correct.