Orbit problem with unwanted 90 degree rotation

When using orbit tool a mouse click makes image rotate 90 degrees every time. Very frustrating. Doesn’t happen while pressing option key. I am a casual user; is this right?

How are you accessing, Orbit?

… and is the camera set for Parallel Projection or Perspective ? (Camera menu.)

View manipulation strangeness can happen when not in Perspective mode.

And, SketchUp is up to v16.1 (your profile has you at v16.0.)

it’s in perspective mode… I’ll check the version now, thanks

Just clicking on the top bar. Think it might be my mouse. It goes to the corners all the time.

What kind of mouse?


Have you got access to a conventional 3-button mouse to try? Then you can use the center mouse wheel/button for Zoom, Orbit and Pan.

Tried one. Think it might be the Yosemite.

I haven’t used a Mac for some time, but last time the default action that is assigned to the middle mouse button was set to something weird and changing that to Button 3 (or something like that) helped.


Thanks. I’ll give it a try