Custom toolbars


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Yes it’s a custom bar. I have customised the Measurement toolbar. You can make your own by opening the toolbar dialog and creating a new one or changing an existing one.
You can drag and drop tools from any Native toolbar. Use ctrl when you drag to drag a copy to the new bar rather than drag the original off. If you happen to mess up a toolbar by dragging something off and you want it back, just select the toolbar in the dialog and hit the reset button.

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Next, I wish SketchUp adds the ability to include non native tools! I already have a few I’d like to put on a “Favorite/Frequent” bar!


There are a few toolbar editors around for plugins.
This is one.


Very nice! I have tried to figure out how to do that by poking around the interface and I finally concluded it wasn’t possible. But there you go. Thanks!


i’ve successfully installed Aerilius Toolbar Editor

i created my first custom toolbar, added 2 new buttons ( with 2 new icons ), each button call a ruby function.
it was working perfectly

quite surprising, i didn’t have to reboot my laptop for getting it worked…

more surprise : i reboot my laptop, toolbar editor is not yet working and my custom toolbar disapeared…

here is a screenshot

if you have any idea…