SketchUp Make 2017 - cannot customize toolbars

I successfully installed SUMake today (as Administrator), and completed 2 projects. I would like to customize the toolbars for tasks that I do a lot, and fix some missing items (Camera toolbar doesn’t have “Bottom” as a view).

But I cannot customize toolbars, nor add new ones. Right clicking any toolbar brings up a list of toolbars that I can turn on or off, but no Customize.

The Toolbar dialog box has faint shadows Screenshot of drop down arrows, but they are ineffective no matter where I click. And there is nothing to customize there.

I must be missing something. Suggestions appreciated.


Go Top menu item View/Toolbars then use the toolbar dialog that opens to customise.
Have a look here.

There is no “Bottom View” button for you to add.

All you can do with native toolbars, is delete, drag and copy existing buttons between toolbars.

You cannot drag native buttons onto Ruby plugin toolbars (nor the opposite.)

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Thanks for the feedback.

My confusion came from the change in paradigm. I expected the old-style method of dragging from a full set of icons onto my new toolbar, or at least having a “Configure” option someplace. That’ll teach me.

Box’s instructions work well. One note is that dragging icons from some toolbars copies them, some drags MOVE them, and some tool bar icons simply cannot be dragged at all (FlatText) as DanRathbun mentioned.


Drag is move.

Drag+CTRL is copy.

If you mess up a toolbar, you can select that toolbar in
the “Toolbars…” dialog listing, and click the “Reset” button.

(These things should have been covered in the User Guide
page I linked above, to my surprise they are not.)


Yes, LayOut has this, but SketchUp has yet to implement it.

Thanks Dan,

I have all my toolbars now, and SketchUp performs well.

2 more projects finished.

Even with the toolbar learning curve, I’d give SketchUp a much higher ease of use rating than DesignSpark Mechanical, that I’m migrating projects from.

Hello there, sorry for bump up an old conversation. I’m trying to perform this drag and drop thing from an existing default icon default toolbar to a custom empty toolbar and I just can’t do it on Sketchup Pro (trial) (windows 7) – click and hold and drag but it doesnt work. Any clues? Thank you.

Make sure you are in Edit mode as shown in the link above.
Go View/Toolbars…

It works! Thank you!