Move/copy tool creating multiples as component

Hi all

Newish user here, but brand new to Pro.

I am modeling a cabinet, and when I use the move/copy tool to layout my shelves, it changes the shelves in the component window to a stack of shelves. This isn’t a big deal except it is now throwing off the OpenCutlist extension. Any ideas?

Thanks for taking to time to look

Share the.skp file so we can see what you have.

Ah, I see that would help! Here you go.

wardrobe.skp (48.9 KB)

Ah. Exactly what I expected to see. :wink: Not sure why it is but it’s a fairly common new user error.

When you created the copies of the first shelf in the stack on the left, you opened the component for editing and copied the geometry. Notice if you open that component for editing the shelves are all loose geometry within. Compare that to the other stacks of shelves where you copied the component and not the geometry inside.

Open the big component on the left for editing and delete all but the geometry for one shelf. Exit the edit mode and then single click on the component and use Move/Copy to copy it.


Yep that did it! Thanks Dave. So I unintentionally opened the component for editing. Was it one too many clicks or something?

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Yes. Or maybe two, too many. A single click selects the component. A triple click on the component opens the component for editing and selects all of the geometry.

FWIW, this seems to be a fairly common thing for new users. I recently ran a course in which a few users did the same thing despite having a video with narration showing the process to follow.

Copy that! Thanks again. I wish I could explain why I felt those extra clicks were necessary. Haha

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No worries. It just happens I guess. It’ll come with practice.

Something to keep in mind and a setting option that may help.
When you see a solid blue bounding box it means the selected object is closed but if the bounding box is gray dashes you are inside something that is open for editing, if you click a face and it selects you are at the raw geometry level, but if you get a solid blue bounding box again you still have another closed object.
One preferences setting that can help identify the difference is to set it to only show the bounding box, this way if you see actual geometry showing blue then you have opened the component.
This may be more confusing than I mean it to be. Feel free to ignore it.

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