Individual Spacing For Copied Components

Hi, I’ve created a rack that dynamically copies the shelves. It’s set up so a user can input the number of shelves and the spacing of all of the shelves. Is there a way to set up a parameter to set the height of each copied shelf independently? Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can access each copy by their indices , example attached allows changes in shape, position and a random method that does not change on redraw

shelving.skp (212.6 KB)

shelves.skp (39.7 KB)

just the shelf spacing

Very impressive!

This is quite a bit more complicated than anything I have done before.

It will take me some time to dig through it as I’m nowhere near your level of expertise.

Thanks for the sample model and the help.

I may have some questions when I get a chance to start looking at it.


Hi Jeff
This is a DC with just the copies moved by the input with seperate text boxes for each shelf… so as not to be too complicated.

The previous was an example for another person which show methods where you can use one text box or use formula in the values of a drop down as well, was too lazy to initially build another…but it may give insight in how one can push the limits


shelve unit.skp (45.3 KB)

Thanks Philip!

Much easier for me to wrap my brain around.

I really appreciate your help.


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