Dynamic copy issue

I wonder if anyone can help me find the error here (see model). If I have an even number rafter spacing (rafters=6", rotated members) copy works fine if I change the rafter spacing to an odd number, copy screws up for some reason. I can’t seem to track down what the issue is.

dip.skp (93.4 KB)

Move/copy seems to work fine for me, also with odd numbers…
Not sure what your problem is…

Sorry I should have been clearer; I wrote my question as I was on my way out the door yesterday.

Inputing an even number in what I have as “rafter spaces” results in a proper “array”:

Inputing an odd number in what I have as “rafter spaces” does not:

Sorry, I didn’t realize that your question was about a dynamic component…
Can’t help you with that.

dip.skp (99.7 KB)

I added a formula without directly addressing each copy, if you wish to change the centers in a few sections then can get the copy number(s) via input distance,

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I should have worded my question better originally. Thanks

I see how that works. Thank you so much