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Wonder if any of the real gurus can help please?

Im creating a dynamic component which uses multiple copies of the same sub component spaced at standard pitches. When I create the component to copy, the original instances of the component disappear, and only the last instance appears. (not any of the other components copies.)

set up the figures

and when I change instances

any thoughts please?

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Upload the SKP file so we can take a look.

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ROtesters.skp (2.0 MB)

much appreciated


I’ll look at it as soon as I can but in the meantime, examinthe Fence component in the Dynamic Components Training library. Look specifically at how the picket spacing is defined and how that relates to the Picket Fance component. Your box component needs to be nested inside another component container for this to work.

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Hi Dave

much appreciated.

Ill try nesting - the actual problem I had was on a more complex nested component.

I took away all the confusion and put it on a basic level hence the box. problem was the same in the complex component and the box did (or rather did not !) the same thing. That is show 1 instance (in the number of copies * offset added to the position co ordinate) correctly placed.

I did look at the picket fence, and also there is a simple YouTube box video.

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What formula do you have in the X-attribute?
You should use something like COPY*”Spacing”

Also, since you are on a Mac, make sure to disable smart quotes in system preferences>Keyboard

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Hi Mike

Im not sure what you mean with smart quotes?

The formula is <=position+copies*spacing> where spacing is my defined value.


much appreciated



ok just got the mac setup and disabled smart quotes

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As Mike said, you must set the position of each single copy instance of your component “separately”. Your formula puts all the copies in the same place on top of each other. Copies is the total number of copies, Copy returns the “ID number” of each copied component instance, (the original being “0”) so you can base your increment calculation on that.


Yes, like @Anssi explained, copies is just the total number of copies😬
If you use COPY in the formula, each instance number of the individual COPY gets its position.
E.G. The third COPY gets its position

By 573… + 3.0*120 etc

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Hi both

Got it.

Difference in “copies” and “copy” …,

Much appreciated!!!

Virtual beer in the virtual bar for you both!!!

Best wishes


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Now go make an array that has rows and columns…
Or to make it really “interesting”, a circular array. I have never tried.

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