How do I draw this?

I’ve only used Sketchup for a few days so sorry for the noob question.

How would I go about drawing the component in the image?

I’m particularly confused about the bottom middle portion of the arm, I’ve tried rounding the edges with the Round Corner extension then pushing the bottom in a bit and I’ve tried it the other way round. I’ve also tried rounding the bottom edge then drawing an arc on it with the Tools on Surface extension, then pushing it in with the Fredo extension but whatever I do the result is a set of messed up lines and a weird contorted shape.

It looks to me like you could:

  1. Take a U shaped profile and run it along an arc path with the follow me tool
  2. and then subtract that “cutter” from the arm itself to get that arced cut-away shape on the bottom of the main arm, if that’s what you’re talking about.
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Thanks!! Worked a treat.

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