Noob question slots and holes

This is a noob question without a doubt.

Two square pieces of wood.

Piece A 10 x 5mm holes

Piece B 10 x 5mm plugs to fix into Piece A’s holes

Is there a way, after making the holes, to make a guide on piece B rather than having to measure it out. For the construction of the plugs.

Make circle

Can you post a screen shot that shows what you want to do?

In it’s most basic form.

yes dave thanks
example.skp (86.6 KB)
piece A has the holes in that i want to ‘mimic’ in piece b, is there an easy way to do this

you move and copy just the face, jeez its obvious really, thanks a lot all for your help.

Since you already have the parts and they are aligned, you could just copy the edges of the holes with Move/Copy over to the face of block B.

Again thanks Dave,

As a supplementary question for an extra 5 points, does it matter if the holes are made first and copied, or can the extracted ‘plugs’ be copied too in the same way.

it’s all just edges and faces.

Not sure what you mean by “extracted plugs”. You can copy any edges and faces.

on my example you have sunk the second lot of holes that you copied, im intending to pull them out to make a ‘joint’ if you like.

i suppose once you have copied the face, you can manipulate it any way you want

Pretty much true. There are almost always multiple ways to accomplish the same end in SketchUp, the differences coming down to a combination of efficiency and personal preference.

I could have pulled the faces out but are you really going to make block with integral pins or are you going to put dowels in the holes?

they are integral to the design of the item i am making they have to be fixed, but again thanks for your help.

So they will be part of the block? Then just pull the faces out instead of pushing them in as I did. No big change otherwise.

Or copy the ‘holes’.

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what key are you using to repeat the push/pull?

Double click, it works with most tools.


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