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I have problems with copy/paste. I have created a box. It has a pattern of holes on one side of the box. I want to copy from that side and paste it to the other side of the box. I go through the copy motions and then rotate the model around to the other side and paste. The paste is done but not correctly as the holes are sort of extruded out from the surface. I have played with the resulting pasted stuff but nothing works as expected. I know that is a vague description. Really what I wanted is to cut from one side and paste to the other side with the result being that the various holes are only the circles on the face. From there I can easily extrude, etc.

Thanks for any help.

If you only want the circles, it’s just a matter of selecting correctly, and ensuring you rotate from the mid-point. I created a guide edge on the top face here. If the horizontal faces of your box are not square you will need to create a guide for half the face’s length along the target axis or move the circles afterward for 90° turns.

If you want uniformity on multiple sides, consider just rotate-copying the entire side, or making one side a component and rotate-copying it to the other side(s) that you want to match before adding your cuts. You can explode everything afterward and regroup to get a solid.

You can also just use Move Copy on the circle itself rather than copy and paste.
The move tool with ctrl will copy.
Move copy

Thanks for the response. I understand the things about rotating but I have several things that don’t appear to work with rotating. Primarily my box is 100mm long, 50mm wide and 30mm high. The group of holes are at one end and closer to the bottom. It appears that a rotation about any axis will not give the result desired which is a matching set of holes on the other side of the box as if I had extruded the original holes through the box and through the other side and then the extra parts of the cylinder removed. As a matter of fact, would there be a way to do exactly that?


That would be achieved by move-copying as in Box’s reply. Just use the box edge to position your first and second move-clicks as in the animation he posted.

Hi Dave,
How do I push a hole through? I tried a bunch of stuff and all I manage is to do is extrude the circle on the face by creating a cylinder through both sides.


Push the face through and stop at the opposite side.

If you made a group or component of the block you need to first open it for editing before you draw the circle for the hole.

Hi Dave,

The first included animation looks similar to what I am trying to do but I am not working with a block, mine is a box. When I try to extrude through to the other side I still get a solid cylinder through the middle between the sides that I cannot get rid of.

“If you made a group or component of the block you need to first open it for editing before you draw the circle for the hole” does not apply as I did not make a component or a group.


Give us a way to help you, an image at the very least.
A screen grab and drop it in your reply.

Ok. Here’s a screen grab.

Do you mean something like this, this is done with the desktop version but the method is the same in the web version.

I was posting this as you posted your screengrab.
Holes 04

Here is one using the web version and move copy one full set across.
Note I accidentally deleted one hole.
Web holes

Ok. I can see what you mean but I cannot get mine to do the same thing. When I move the group of holes they only move vertically. Looks like to me there are actions that are taken like mouse clicks or keystrokes or ? during the process.


I used no keys but you can use the arrow keys to force a direction.
Left for green right for red and up for blue.

Edit: Not to forget that you need to hit ctrl (command or option on mac, I don’t remember which) for the copy action.

So, what did you use to get the action shown?

Used ctrl with the move tool and the camera angle to make it move on the green, while using the edge inference to set the distance copied.

Maybe you need to orbit to a higher point of view.

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Did you select the target side and the copied circles and right-click-intersect faces as in the animation? Otherwise, you have to draw a new edge atop all ten copied circles to create constrained faces.

For a more coherent workflow, consider creating the sides of your box as distinct boards, and creating your two opposing boards as two instances of one component, with the second flipped/mirrored from the original. Any hold you punch in one side will mirror to the other.

Hi All,
Well I got it done. The key was one of the posts that showed how to remove the solid cylinder between the two sides after extruding. Actually that was my first approach except that I could not figure out how to do the removal.

I greatly appreciate all the suggestions and demonstrations but the big problem was that I could not duplicate the various methods because I could not ‘see’ all of the actions taken. I now have a bunch of things I have to learn.

Like I said thanks to all,