I remember that Sketchup Used to -

… allow you to copy “holes” through shapes.

Make a circle… push through to the other side = hole.

Select the whole… ctrl+move to new location. New hole.

For a long time now… this no longer works. It was easily one of the most useful behaviors that SU had.
Am I hallucinating? Maybe I am mis-remembering it.

I think you might be mis-remembering. You can copy a hole on a flat face and get more holes and then extrude the face to 3D.

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I’m pretty sure I’m not misremembering… only because I was so blown away by the behavior… I’ve been using sketchup since the 1700’s (around the time of Isaac Newton)… to it’s either a really old feature, or such old memories are just wrong.

But like I said, I recall being amazed… then later after an update… I was shocked/bummed that it stopped doing it.

You know what it could be though… it could be NON THROUGH HOLES. They duplicate perfectly in the manner I describe.

It seems like a very small jump from being able to duplicate partial holes into an object…to duplicating a thru hole.

I wish the developers responded better to user needs :frowning: I’ve been asking for the hotkeys to be shown in tool tips for the better part of a decade… but nothing. (Mac has it. PC does not)

Thanks DaveR!

Yeah. Non-through holes will copy like that.

one can copy a through hole, then select the copies, copy then paste in place, but then still have to delete the surfaces

Hmm. Yeah, you’re right. At first, I thought I had done this, and then realized I’ve done something different:

  • Draw the first hole shape
  • Make the copies
  • Push the first hole through
  • Then go around double clicking on the other hole shapes, and they just punch through.

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