Duplicate holes in volume

I am working on a project where I need to build a volume (plywood board) with a lot of regular holes on it.
When I copy paste them it is never working properly and it takes quite some time. I already had this problem on a project before.
Also the distance between the holes might change, so if I do it all manualy it will take a lot of time to adjust the distance until I am happy with it.
So I was wondering if there is either a way to duplicate the holes in a way that it works or even better, to create some sort of hole component that I can adapt. Any idea?
Thanks a lot!

You can make arrays by typing nx enter or n/ enter. The first will nake that number of copies at the same distance and the second will make that number equally space between the two. And you can adjust the number many times until you do something else with a tool.
You can make cutting components, but they will only cut one surface.

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Yes maybe it is easier to first draw the holes on a plane and then extrude the plane as you show it.

For sure it is. Trying to copy 3D holes is very unreliable (for reasons I for one do not understand). 2D followed by 3D is the way to go.

OOH, moving a 3D hole is easy enough, providing the two planes that the hole exits through are parallel.

Even though I am working with sketchup since many years now, these are the things I never understood… Why isn’t it possible to duplicate a 3D hole (I swear my planes are parallel, or if not, then sketchup manages to extrude faces not parallel… hum)…
It’s in the same time an amazing and not professional application somehow.

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