How to copy extruded object onto same plane?

Wasteboard With Holes.skp (127.7 KB)

I have put about five hours into this and cannot figure it out. I have a countersunk hole that I want to copy 63 times onto a 2" grid. Every time I use the “move/copy” feature, I cannot get the copy to place exactly on the face like the original. See the attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


To make the holes you need means that it’s doing move/copy on three different planes at the same time. I think you can only do one plane at a time. An alternative is to leave the hole as group, make the duplicates, and then do a big intersects with model to create the holes. But trying that locked up SketchUp.

So I tried a different approach. I removed your first attempt copy, exploded everything, then did a move/copy of just the outer ring (I used move/copy for one position, then typed 7x return, to get the other columns, then I selected one row and move/copy, 7x to get all the rows).

I did a push pull to get the initial sunk amount (63 times), and then did another move/copy 7x, columns, then rows, to get the inner hole. Lastly, I did 63 more push/pulls to get the hole through to the back.

I feel sure there’s an easier way, but I’ve attached what I had at that point.

Wasteboard With (2.0 MB)

Make the hole a ‘Glue to’ component with ‘Cut opening’ then use the grid you created to array it.
If the component is preselected you can copy move on the actual grid without touching the component.
You’ll still need to cut the holes on the bottom face, cutting components only cut one face.


Awesome, thanks Colin! I now see what you are saying about 3 different planes. I really appreciate your help in solving this puzzle. I was about ready to call it quits.


Thanks Box. I could not find info on “glue to”. I will have to locate a tutorial on that . It will come in handy for future projects as well. I appreciate you taking the time to look into my puzzle and the vid you made as well.


It’s part of the options when you create a component.

you could make the bottom hole a cutting plane component, then the whole as a cutting component from the top, do as per box, then select all and explode

Wasteboard With double cut hole component.skp (132.7 KB) just slightly less work in the use, but the component can be reused, or even made dynamic to cover a large range of sizes or scale before use