Duplicating Objects While Preserving Placement

Hey Guys/Gals,

I routinely get into this situation and struggle (spend way too much time) to find a solution. :worried:

In this example, I want to duplicate the set of holes in one object onto another object and maintain the placement of the holes with respect to the face. While I can accomplish this using many guide lines and points, there must be an easier method. :thinking: The objects are aligned in the red axis, but at different heights (blue axis).

Secondly, is there a method to duplicate the countersink for multiple holes without manually modifying each hole?

As always, any help much appreciated.

Select the holes, activate the move tool, change it to copy mode, click a reference corner in the source, move the cursor to the matching corner in the destination, click there.

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add your skp to make explaining easier…


Your description was very helpful, and the method worked perfectly, big thanks.

Now, the other source of frustration, is there a way to copy a countersink from one hole to multiple other holes, without going through the manual process for each hole? And, am I modeling the countersink correctly using offset>move>auto-fold? Which style is more widely acceptable, 1 or 2?

You can copy the entire countersunk hole like John described.

As for which is correct, it depends on the thickness of the part, the diameter of the hole, and the angle of the countersink and the diameter of the thing that goes into the hole. If it’s for a flat head screw and you want it to be flush, you need to make sure the larger diameter is sufficient to allow the head space.

I use a Drill tool from Wudworx for countersunk holes like that. Easier and faster than copying a hole around.

Thanks Dave. I read your Fine Woodworking article about “Drill Tool from Wudworx”, The video

Article: https://www.finewoodworking.com/2013/02/09/wudworx-a-handy-plugin-set-for-joinery

has expired or for some other reason is unplayable, but I did pick up some valuable information from the article itself.


An alternative which requires some planning ahead. Native tools only.

Now, that is a keeper. I’m adding this method to my workflow.

BTW, I searched on the extension warehouse and could not find “Drill Tool”. May not be available. But, during the search I found another interesting extension, “EP Fasteners & Threaded Holes” (free) that might help me with threaded holes and screws.

Not all extensions are hosted in the Extension Warehouse. The Drill tool is part of the Wudworx toolset.

As long as you only need to show rough versions, it could.

You could Move/copy the whole hole, but curiously the top and bottom edges don’t heal. Redrawing one segment of those two circles repairs things, and then you can delete the top and bottom faces, to get your duplicate holes.

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Yes, you could do that but I’ve found it’s better just to think ahead and avoid having to do those sorts of gymnastics.

You could also create a negative of the hole, make it a component and use it with the Subtract tool to cut the holes

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One of my most often used tools is Anton’s Fix it 101.
Fix it