Help needed on countersinking holes


I’m a total newb. to Sketchup and am creating my first project. I need to countersink two 3mm holes, I’ve been through all the tools and can’t find anything that can do it, surely it’s possible to do it.

Can anyone help me please.

Thanks Keith


Like this, for instance:



Another approach that makes it easier to get the countersink drawn at the correct diameter and angle is to use Offset on the edge of the hole to define the limits of the countersink. The select the edge of the hole and use the Autofold function of the Move tool (Hold Alt) to move the edge down. Fortunately, for standard metric screws, the included angle on the head is 90°. That means you move the edge of the hole into the piece by the same distance as the offset.

From left:

3mm hole.
Offset 1.25mm and select the rim of the hole. Get the Move tool, hold Alt…
…Move the selected edge down 1.25mm

I did this at full size. Didn’t need to scale up at all. Anssi is correct, though, working at very small sizes could be an issue and scaling up can help to avoid problems.


Thanks Anssi, yes, that’s what I want to do but what is your method to achieve it? I ask because although the solution DaveR does the job I would like to know as many methods as possible, I’m a learnaholic :smile:


Thanks Dave, that’s a nice solution. I knew someone would know of a method to do it.

I’m really grateful for your help and that from Anssi too. Forums work don’t they !


As a footnote: both Anssi’s and Dave’s methods make straightforward use of built-in tools. There are also plugins that create countersunk holes, but these examples show how it is often best to learn the built-ins before resorting to plugins!


Yes,I agree completely, it’s much better to learn the whole program rather parts of it. In fact I’m eager to learn it all, whether I’ll manage to or not is another matter.



Gotcha,thank you

Why did you use the offset tool before the push/pull tool ? I made my holes just using the circle tool and then the push/pull. I’m assuming that there is a benefit to using it or you wouldn’t have done it, could you explain please.


That wasn’t the offset tool, it was just the circle tool trying to create another circle because I moved the cursor with circle still active before I selected pushpull. It happened to grab inference from the center of the previous circle, which made it look kind of like offset.


So it was, sorry.It was the double ring that fooled me.

Thanks for your help, everyone is so helpful on here, it’s a good forum.


Another way to go about it, particularly if your hole profile includes a counterbore as well as a countersink, is to create an object representing the negative space of the hole by lathing a profile with Follow Me. Then just pop the “holes” into the plate, perform an Intersect between the holes and the plate, and remove excess material. For example:



To get to all the basics don’t leave out the cardinal points.


Thanks guys, two more clever waysof making countersinks. I’ll note these down in my little red book …


I love to scroll through others post when I need a brake from modeling. It is a alternate way of learning concepts to things you have not visioned or come across-ed yet. If you click on the forth icon (ribbon) below the post closest to the Reply. It will bookmark the post for you and by clicking your Profile at the top-right of the page will open the list of all your saved Bookmarks for easy reference. It is very helpful and I have gotten help with issues or secured answers to questions I knew I would eventually be facing. You will find uses for the tools you never knew they could do and I feel it is a better option. Then the time spent searching most of the personalized You Tube videos. As they left me more bewildered then helpful, especially starting out. Here you are getting answers and explanations and not tring to mimic someone else…Peace…


This is my preferred way.

Also does straight and counterbored holes.

It also works with *n


What extension is this? I have used drill.rb in the past but this seems to be more useful


It’s the Drill tool in the Wudworx set. There is also a great dovetail tool and one for mortise and tenons.


Thx for such a quick response!


Sorry for being late to an expired equine drubbing.
There may be a tiny problem using @DaveR’s offset method. There was a discussion earlier that may be applicable. Offset bug topic.
As always, if I’m missing something feel free to straighten me out.
Here’s the gif.