Creating Counterbore holes and patterning holes

I’m currently a solidworks user but the price of sketchup is extreme ly appealing. Also, honestly for what I have to design I truly dont need the robust nature of solidworks. reverse phone lookup

That being said my friend has sketchup pro and mentioned he really enjoys it - so I’ve been playing with it and am finding somethings that seem really great and some things that I’m used to doing very fast that are going to take some learning haha. nba reddit

Specifically holes. At times I will need to do a 80mm counterbore hole which then has a 20.6 through hole, for a bolting detail.

In solidworks I have a full hole wizard to accomplish this - in sketch up so far this is my workflow and where I get stuck.

It’s pretty easy and there are different ways to do it. Here’s one.

Start with your block (timber, steel, whatever) that you mean to drill. Draw a circle of 20.6mm on a surface. Use Push/Pull to “drill” it through to the other side. Then select the circle you first created and use Offset to create your 80mm diameter hole. Use Push/Pull again to countersink the wider hole the depth you need.

What you won’t find easily in SU is a ready made countersunk hole cutter. There may be an extension that does it but don’t count on it.

Draw two concentric circles representing the thru hole and counterbore.
Then, Push / Pull

See this training video:

Vintage 2014 plug-in…no idea if it will work in current version.
On SketchUcation Forum

Another option if you want to use an extension is Wudworx Drill which will create standard, countersunk, and counterbored holes from your specifications and it’ll make linear arrays of them. And it works fine in the current version of SketchUp.