How to draw a countersink hole?

How do I draw a countersink hole for a flat head screw?

Do you want to draw it manually? How critical is the countersink angle in the model? Do you already have the hole drilled? The easiest thing would be to make two concentric circles, use Move to move the center one down to create the countersink followed by Push/Pull to finish drilling the hole.

If you have a lot of holes to drill it might be worth springing for the Drill tool from Wudworx.


So many options, here’s another using the cardinal points.
Cardinal counter

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Remember - you should need to draw just the one hole then move / copy to new locations. Also, you could make a component of it.

Copying the hole usually doesn’t work without a little fiddling - the top outer circle and the bottom circle of the pilot hole don’t intersect the tope and bottom surface and won’t form a hole.

But after copying, you can draw a line along one of the circle edges, which then (usually) makes the circle intersect the surface, and you can then delete the circle face to make the hole.

Then you have to do the same at the bottom of the pilot hole.

It’s often easier to copy inner and outer circles on the top surface, push pull the pilot holes by just double clicking the pushpull tool after the first one, then move the top end of the pilot holes down to form the countersinks.

Which leads me to one of my fav extensions. Anton’s Fixit 101

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