How can I countersink this

I have drawn this…

Which is the start of a screwdriver holder… But the bottom of the handle is convex, and I wanted to ‘counterskink’ the top face of the holder…

I hoped I could simply select/move the hex, but it creates this:

So other than starting again and making the countersunk surface before I make the opening, I just wondered if there are any tips, tools or extensions that would help here?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I would countersink first and then create the hole and slot.

Countersink created using Move with Auto Fold. Hole and slot cut using the Difference tool from BoolTools 2 which will work in SketchUp Make. You could also just use Loose geometry for both the large part and the hole and use Intersect Faces followed by erasing the waste. Make sure face orientations are correct when you finish.

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Thats awsome thanks… I am not familiar with the “Difference” tool. I normally just push/pull, intersect and delete…

What do you mean by “Auto Fold”? I just created 2 circles and ‘moved’ the centre one down and that created a countersink. (Edit: Ignore that… I found a Youtube video on Auto Fold, so I will watch it)

My hope was that there was some kind of ‘tool’ which simulated the tip of a drill… So it could be used to “drill” a countersink into any object…

But using youir method worked just fine…



That’s a tool in the BoolTools 2 tool set.

You could draw a cylinder with a point on it and intersect it with your object much like I showed.

Click in sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas using native tools.

Screwdriver holder.skp (173.7 KB)

I can’t open this as I have SU18 (Long Story)… Could you save it as a SU18 file?


Your profile says you are using SU2017 Make. Since you are using 2018 you could use the native Solid Tools or Eneroth Solid Tools.

Corrected my Profile… Not sure what “Solid Tools” are, but I will do some research…

For now, I have gone back and followed your instruction and created all 5 sizes that I need so thanks for that:

Got to combine them all now into a wall mount…

Thanks. Maybe you could change “SketchUp Make (Desktop)” to Pro?

The Solid Tools are a set of tools for doing various Boolean operations like Subtract and Trim.

If you slide them together, Outer Shell or Union from the Solid Tools should make quick work of that.

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The native Solid Tools convert components to a group or groups after a Solid Tools operation.

The extension Eneroth Solid Tools (free from Extension Warehouse) keeps them as components. That’s sometimes useful.

@jweaver this is why I mentioned Eneroth Solid Tools. BoolTools2 does this as well.

My file in 2017 format.

Screwdriver holder.skp (261.6 KB)

Hi Jon.

I uploaded a 2017 version in the same thread on the forum.

Best regards.

Jean Lemire

Thanks all for your help yesturday…

I learned a lot of things

AutoFold - I use that all the time, but I had no idea that its called “Auto Fold”… I actually found it by accident and use the Up arrow to initiate it… I wasn’t aware it was actually a thing and was activated with ALT.

BoolTools - Looks nice… But its not free, and for the amount I use it, I can’t justify buying it

SolidTools - This was simething I looked at… And even added to my tool bar… And forgot all about it. So I am going to revisit this.

Eneroth Solid Toolls - Will take a look at that today.

Before now, to cut out, I just use “intersect” and then “eraser” and its really fiddly especailly when you have tiny geometry… Clearly SolidTools is the way to go for this, so I will get practicing.

Thanks again… You are always a great help.

Just so you can see where I am goign with this… I recently added a “tool wall” in my workshop had have obsessed over where to place each and every tool… So I have been 3D printing holders, and the screwdriver ones all generally look like this (This is the one for my Vessel set):

My problem wasn’t so making the entire object, its just countersinking the surface for a particular type (Wiha) of screwdriver I have which has a curve at the end of the handle.

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I wouldn’t have the hex cutout (for the wrench hex at the base of the screwdrivers’ shaft). That hexagonal shape would entail needing to turn the screwdriver to exactly the correct orientation for it to sit properly instead of just placing the tool in the holder.

They have to be like that… The handles are really heavy compared to the shaft so they are top heavy, so if you don’t have a hex to hold them, they tend to lean over (I tried with cylinders first). Its not an issue in practice… There are 6 positions the drivers can go into… But they actually self allign, so you can pretty much just drop them in.

I am quite happy with my final design:


As you should be!

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