Multiply many holes on a strip with double faces


Hello Albert here.
A wall strip for shelf support. A two meter strip making holes is time comsuming.
Drawing a single face strip and multiply many holes no problem.
Two face strip mulipied holes ar no holes, gives a retangle but can’t select.
Pls. Advice


It’s hard to understand what you are asking for but if you draw the face and make one hole which you can copy, you can then extrude the face to make a 3D shape.


i send a drawing. again.wallstrip shelf support.skp (40.1 KB)


i understand ican do it no problem. But dubble face give the problem


With your SKP file, I see it’s a little different. You can make a single unit of the rail and then copy it to make a linear array. Clean up the coplanar edges and done.


thanks Dave


You can use the solid tool (with MAKE too) to merge into one solid.


Hai Cotty

Only Outer shell avail in make and it doesn’t work.


Busy experimental.


Actually, Solid Shell would work but you need to make the unit a solid group or component prior to copying it.

I didn’t make the unit a component before copying it, though. I was just making an example to show that. I was also thinking that there’s probably not a screw hole for every slot.

Make two different units. One with only the slot, the other with a slot and screw hole.
Use Move/Copy to make a linear array of the one with only the slot.
Select the units that need holes.
Right click on the slot with hole component in the Components window and choose Replace Selected.
Make a group or component of the array.
Run Outer Shell.

Note: I didn’t change the spacing on the holes or slots from what you drew. The screw holes would probably be centered between neighboring slots so the units would need to be made a little differently.


I like @DaveR’s thinking.

For the record, it should probably be mentioned there is always the Push/Pull one hole and double click the others to “repeat last operation” for the others.


I underrstand even the explonation from RTCool, I can work with this/these. see red colored part, selecting delete and copy item 5 works well

One thing (from your story) doesn’t work, selcting 4e and 5e slot and replacing it for item 5 in/ from comp.window. See Yellow part.

wallstrip shelf support1.skp (316.6 KB)


It won’t work very well to replace a slot only component with a slot and hole component in your model because you’ve made them different lengths. They need to be the same length.

You could use the red component but you’ll need to erase one slot only component after each slot only component you want to replace. It’s doable but more work than just making two components that are the same length as in my example.


Linear array of slot only components. Hole required between green and cyan. Erase cyan, replace green with red.


The length of two slots items is the same, in mine drawing, as a two slots one hole component. But it works when remove one before replace.

Thanks all of you for response.



You could make a two slot component and a two slot with hole. I’d add an additional component for the ends.


Afterwards, after some study and your help, its easy.
A basic piece made and copied e.g. x10 add an end piece and with outer shell all the welding lines disappear. Problem solved. Again thanks you all.
wallstrip shelf support2.skp (251.1 KB)


Good to know. I tried Solid Inspector, and it removed any internal surfaces, but it didn’t eliminate the welding lines.