Need Help with Move Array/Divide

It’s my understanding from what I read that it is possible to select an object, click on the Move tool, press the CTL key and enter parameters and control characters to get special results. I cannot get it to work. Perhaps I do not understand the intended result for the Move tool feature that I’ve read about. Here’s what I was trying to do:

I have a base plate 2x8 for a stud wall. I want to draw 2x8 studs at 16" intervals so that it will be possible to attach 4’x8’ sheet goods on the wall. If I start with a 2x8 stud at one end, the edge of the next stud should be located 14.5" along the base plate and thereafter a 2x stud will be drawn at 14.5" intervals. I cannot seem to figure out how to give the Move Tool the correct input to make this happen.

Is it possible to do what I want to do? If so, how is it done. The directions I’ve read and followed so far give me no results. Obviously, I do not understand what I’ve read. If it can be done, I would be much obliged if someone could tell me the steps to make it happen or point me to a tutorial, YouTube or wiki. I looked at the tutorial for the Move Tool but it begins by saying that such things are possible but are not covered in that tutorial. I don’t know what keywords to use to search for a tutorial where instructions might be found.


I think your wall layout should be something like this.
Measure 15.25" from the corner to the first stud then move/copy that one 16" use the * to array them.



Thank you, Shep!!!

That got me through the mental roadblock.

Mighty fine. If a carpenter type person is laying out a wall like this they would make a mark at 15 1/4", 31 1/4" 47 1/4" and so on. This doesn’t translate well to Sketchup.


Well…I did it, but not exactly how it was described. But it did work :slight_smile:
I finally figured out, I had to create my stud, off the base plate, then move the single stud into position on the base plate.
I then made the single stud into a group, I selected a lower corner with Move, then hit Ctrl. C. I saw a tiny little “+” sign appear, I then moved the selected stud a little in the direction I wanted, and typed 16" into the distance box and hit enter, which placed another stud 16" away, then I immediately hit the “*” and typed in 35, and hit enter, which placed all studs down on the base plate. I could not immediately type in another number of studs to place as Shep stated. If I wanted to put more studs down on the same base plate, then I had to do the whole procedure again, beginning from the last stud in line. So I did something wrong, but it finally worked. I think the trick, for me, is waiting to see the tiny little “+” sign.
Thanks for the help!