Need help with array on iPad

In sketchup i often create an array of a component on a long span (for example a 30 ft wall. On the desktop version this is easy; select the component, choose move tool and drag to the end, type divide symbol and the desired quantity. But on the iPad version a 30 ft wall is a challenge because I select the component, select move and when I begin to drag it with my pencil I can’t seem to move/scroll the model that is off screen. And if I zoom out so I can see the entire wall it is too small to navigate with precision.

You can actually hold the pencil down to the screen while using move/copy and pinch zoom around with your other hand without messing up the move/copy (as long as you don’t pick up the pencil)

You can also create really large lines that you can Grab/inference while zoomed out enough to see the entire project, then delete them when you’re done with them.

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Are you using Just Draw or Click-move-Click?

It look’s like in Just Draw, you need @Danimaupin 's method. In Click-move-click, you can hard click to start the move and lift the pencil, then zoom, then hard click to end the move.

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Thank you both. I was hoping there was a way to make that work because that is a dealbreaker for the iPad for me.

You can also select the object(s) you want to move and Move+ them to the next spot in line you would want them. Then in the dialog box pop-up, type “x” and the number of times your want to repeat the move.

So let’s say your section of wall was 5 ft. and you wanted to make a 30 ft. section. Use Move+ to move the section 5 ft. Then type “x5” in the dialog box pop-up. It will repeat the move over and over and build your section.

Works for me. Thanks!

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