Re Does Sketchup have an array tool?


Hi, could some kind soul tell me if Sketchup has an array tool?

Dan Martin


Not by that name, but you can use the Move or Rotate tools to array objects along a direction, or round a centre point.

Tap Ctrl (Windows) or Option/Alt (Mac) to make either tool Copy (you’ll get a small + sign beside the tool icon) and move or rotate your first copy by mouse click, or typing a distance or angle. Then type a number and the letter x or asterisk to repeat that copy operation that number of times.

Or if you want to array by dividing the distance between original and first copy, make the first copy, then type / and the number of divisions to make. That will array the copies evenly between the first copy and the original.

Read the Help for these tools for more detail, if this isn’t clear.

Try it.


Thanks John that should work fine!!

Dan Martin


If you want more advanced tool, check this plugin: Spirix and its ‘patterns’ feature.
You can download spirix.rbz from here. (or click this for direct download)




Thanks George!! thats just what I needed. BTW I am still haveing problems getting used to the rotate gizimo in Sketchup.
What I am haveing problems with is keeping the tool from changing position and orentation. I am used to a gimbel that all other 3D programs I use have I am finding it VERY hard to use any tips would be helpfull!

Thanks for all your answers Dan Martin


“Rotate gizmo”? Are you rotating the model or orbiting the camera around the model?


No it’s rotating the model(I have a 3D Mouse so moving around the scene is real easy!! My “problem” is I’m having a real hard time keeping the compass rose from moving around and changing axis! Thanks for your answers keep 'em comming.

Dan Martin


You can lock the orientation of the “compass rose” by holding the Shift key or you can lock it with the cursor keys. Up for blue, right for red, left for green.

You might find it useful to read the help files on the Rotate tool. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

If the entity is a group or component, you can also use the Move tool to rotate about the group’s/component’s center if you want. This makes it easy to move and rotate the entity into place when needed.


Hi Dave does the same go for the move tool as well?

Thanks Dan


Does the same what? Locking directions? Yes. There’s also a help article on using the Move tool that’s worth reading.


Activate the Rotate tool and while the tool is active, try this…

• Press and release the Right Arrow key, and then the Left Arrow, and then the Up Arrow key.
• Notice how the Rotate tool cursor changes color and locks to the respective Red, Green or Blue axis.

The same holds true for the Rectangle tool and Circle tool.

See these for more about inference locking:


Thanks (again Dave!)



Well what can Isay but thanks.



also have a look at …

and at this post…

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