Angular Arrays in Sketchup for IPad

Can you set up an angular array in Sketchup for IPad? If so, how do you go about doing it? Haven’t been able to find anything on it.

I’m sure you can array using the rotate tool as you can is desktop - I think I’ve made a model with it.

From memory , It should be broadly the same as desktop - put the rotate tool into copy mode ( the plus sign) , make the rotate you want , then bring up the number pad to type in number of copies in that array you want to make / divide by .

I’m curious what an angular array is, I know linear and radial, is an angular array one that goes off at a tangent?

I’ve presumed (perhaps incorrectly , that they mean a radial/circular Array)

I’ve found the internet is not a great place for presuming, assuming or guessing. :wink:

We shall see!

I meant “radial array”, although angular seems more descriptive to me!

Pretty much like desktop except there’s no keyboard modifiers to work with, just click the make copy option and then in the dimension box type number/ to distribute or number* to extrapolate. Doing a full circle, I found I had to type 360° first other wise it figures 0° on its own and nothing happens.

Thanks, that works! Now, to figure out why 3D text doesn’t work!