Trouble Creating an Array

I’m on PC (Windows 10 v 2004) using Lynda’s “Sketchup 2020 Essential Training,” and I’m in “Creating copies and an array.” I’m having trouble creating an array. I have copied the first chair, hovered over the move tool over the lower right corner of the selection box (as in the video), and entering 2x in the box, at least ten times. (Then I tried entering "x2, just in case)."It worked once, and that was it. I don’t know what I did right, or what I’ve been doing wrong. Does anyone know of a common mistake I must be making?

Start the Move/Copy, moving the selected object in the desired direction, let go of the mouse leaving the cursor where it is. Type the distance, hit Enter, then type x2 and hit Enter again.

I want the distance to be the same as between the original object and the first copied one, so that distance is already in the distance box. I’ve tried typing it in a slightly different one so I could follow your instruction but still nothing happens after I enter 2x and Enter.

Check your PMs. Click on the C in the orange circle in the upper right of the forum page.

You need to move the first copy before typing the distance. Then hit Enter followed by the number of additional copies (not counting the original) that you want.

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