Array not working

Hi all, N00b here.

I’m following the Getting Started Tutorial, and for some reason my ability to create an array has ceased. The tutorial instructs us to create a bar, make it a component, create a copy using Ctrl + Move, and then type 4x to get 4 bars. The first time, it worked fine. The tutorial then says to change it by typing 3x, making 3 bars.This has never worked for me. I was able to create 4 bars a second time, and since then I cannot create arrays at all.

I do everything as instructed, and even have the measurements window open to see what I am doing. The Distance is definitely being recorded as 4x or 3x, but I never get additional bars. Nothing is multiplying. There is no array. I am very curious why this is happening, as it feels like a bug. I’ve tried opening and closing sketchup and remaking my component, both with no success.

Any ideas as to what might have happened here, and what I can do to fix this problem?


What exactly do you do after typing 4x Enter? If you do anything, click somewhere, choose another tool, anything, you won’t be able to go back and change the number of instances in the array.

Are you hitting Ctrl to activate the Copy function of the Move tool?

Ok, this was totally the problem. Thanks so much for your trouble.

So what were you doing?