Array function in Sketchup Web

I’m learning sketchup fairly well, and have modeled quite a bit.
Every time I have to do things with a lot of repetition, I need an array commando.
For example, terrace boards on a terrace, where I have to copy a group 50 times with the same distance.
I have searched the internet and forum but can’t find if this existed for sketchup web.
Can anyone tell me if there is an array copy function for sketcthup web, and if so, how to use it?

It exists in the web versions. Same as with the desktop version. Use Move/Copy to make a linear array.

I’ve tried all kinds of the move command, pressing CTRL etc. I can’t get it to do many repeats at once along a line.

Try tapping the Ctrl key after you have the Move tool.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. But it won’t accept my “x11” command

Note the error message. Either enter the move DISTANCE first and press Enter or press Enter after moving the first copy and before typing the number of copies.

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So many thanks.
Hours of frustration are now solved :slight_smile:

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