Unable to Array "make 2017" iwin 10

I am fairly new to sketchup make2017 and am having trouble getting the array / multiplier to work. I select a grouped object,( i also tried with composite) then with the move tool, select a corner, start the move, tapped cntr to make a copy then when i drop the copy i have tried using as many keyboard combos as i can think of . *(then Number of incidents desired) x and (Number…) \ and (N) / and (N) and then all the reverse with no luck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Are you clicking in the measurements box before typing? If so, don’t.

Are you hitting enter after typing?

Hey thanks foryour help, It appears that i had screwed up the geometry and once i discovered that, cleaned it up and then relaunched the program i was able to use the array function. Between the frustration and all the extra keystrokes witch included many enter attemps and i think i even clicked in the box a couple of times before entering multipliers ,etc the program just wanted me to stop…

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