Sketchup make 2017 - Divide tool issue

I’m having issue with array tool. I was able to do the multiple array with no problem but with divide array seems constantly issue. It kept disappearing. I thought I follow the instruction and even I tried to watch all YouTube tutorial and tried to copy what they said. Still get no result.
What did I was is select an object with group and move with option then the “distance” would not change to “length” I was not able to get it then I tried to watch YouTube again with closed captioning. I was not able to get it. Same problem. What did I do wrong? It needed to be crispy clear instruction step by step carefully.

-select object w/ group
-distance box
-/ “enter” numbers aka /6 or /enter6

That’s what I m stuck at this point. I’m trying to practice with sketchup upgrade for myself. Big thank for your help. I hope I can get a better instruction from you guys.

Hit Enter after the move distance. Don’t hit Enter before typing the number of copies.

Move the first copy the total distance. Press Enter. Type /n where n is the number of copies. Press Enter.

Yes, that’s what I did. The second copy of the end point is disappearing. Why? I did just what you said same as other YouTube tutorial says. I don’t get it. Think something wrong with distance box. I copy and move and set at 31 feet , enter then /6 enter and disappear.

-select object w/ group
-copy/move…Drag short distance, hit the control key
-distance box…enter distance hit enter
-/ “enter” numbers aka /6 or /enter6………/.number of copies, hit enter

Are you clicking in the measurements box to type the dimension? That isn’t required if you are, simply type the dimensions when the box allows it.

As Ian asked, are you clicking in the Measurements window? If so, don’t.

I would bet my lunch there’s nothing wrong with the Measurements window.

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I guess it’s not working right. I will have to do screen recording and upload to YouTube for you guys to see it because I’m not sure what did it went wrong.

IanT I did use type measurement and enter then /6. Boom disappear. Still something is wrong.

Here is my link - YouTube. Hope the video is clear. Not good with screen recording myself but let me know.

You’re hitting the back slash \ not the forward slash /. No wonder it isn’t working for you. Try using the forward slash and see what happens.


Ok. Lol
My bad! I will try different slash. :slight_smile:

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Yes. It works!!!

Thank you so much for the big help!!!

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