Problems with divide tool


Hi folks, I followed, or at least I thought that I did, follow a tutorial, on how to use the divide tool. I made a “post “, like part of a fence, then attempted to add the”/” sign to the measurements box, then a number, for the number of duplicates, but it didn’t work,can someone please tell what I did wrong,? thank you, Craig


Did you make a copy of your post with Move/Copy and place that copy at the end of the run? You would need to do that before hitting /n, Enter (where n is the number of copies beyond the original.)

In order to get the multiple copies, you need to copy the first one with Move/Copy. If you want to use the divide operation, you need to tell SketchUp what distance you want to divide by moving a copy to the end. If you know the spacing between neighboring copies as you would with studs in a wall, you can move the first copy over by the interval distance and use either xn or *n followed be Enter.


Hi, thank you, I just got it to work, but you beat me to the punch, ;)-I have to enter the “/” AFTER my number of copies, another tutorial showed me, but I do appreciate your comments… never fails, everyone here is so good!!!-thank you much, CZ

PS-BTW, I have yet to investigate, but can I presume, like in my 3D software, C4D, can I duplicate along a path/line?


You can enter the slash before or after the number. It will work either way.

As for copying along a path, you might look at Path Copy in the Extension Warehouse.


…except those won’t work on my.SketchUp. Right now, you can only make arrays in any direction, or along an “arc” using the move or rotate command (respectively) with the modifier key and x# or /#


thank you for your help!-CZ


thank you for your help!-Craig


My error. Didn’t catch the my.SketchUp part. Darn phone and its little screen.


Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Over 10 thousand posts and you finally have made your first mistake :wink:


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