Wall Frame Measurements

I’m trying to create a wall frame. Is there a quick way to setup my studs at 16" centers along the floor plate? For now, I’ve created the base plate and inserted the studs randomly on top of the plate, then created a dimension from the left bottom corner of one stud to the same spot on the next stud over, then I moved that stud until the measurement read 1’4". I had to do that over and over, which is labor intensive. I’m wondering if there’s a better way.


Put the first stud on the end of the floor plate. Then move/copy that stud in the right direction, type 16" and hit enter. then type x and the number of copys you need and enter.

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Have a look at the Move tool in copy mode.

My approach would be;

  1. Place the first stud at the end of the floor plate, where you need it to be.

  2. Select this stud and then activate the Move tool. Press Ctrl, (Alt on a Mac), then select the base point for the moving of the stud. For example, click on the midpoint of the bottom of the stud.

  3. Move the stud in the required direction, making use of the arrow keys on the keyboard to lock it to a direction if needed. Having pressed the Ctrl, (or Alt), key earlier, you should note that the stud is being copied.

  4. Do not click after starting the move. Simply let go of the mouse and type in the distance.

  5. The copied stud should go to the right place, in this case 16 inches on Centre from the first stud.

  6. Now, without activating any other command, type in “10x” (without the apostrophes), and press Enter. There should now be 10 copies of the studs, all placed at 16 inch centres. You can repeat the typing of “Nx”, where N represents the required number, as many times as needed to get the required number of studs, as long as you don’t activate any other command.

Hope that helps. There are also some good tutorials on the use of the Move/Copy tool.

I’d also make the stud a Component before copying, so that should you need to change it’s length, you can modify one and the rest will change.


Here’s an old post showing what you’re looking for, I think.




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Create a linear array.
See this video tutorial:

@Shep’s link is showing how to layout a wall correctly. I just noticed the framed wall in 3D Warehouse is actually done wrong. The first stud may be flush with the end of the sole plate, but the first stud in from there should be centered on 16", not have it’s face 16" in. SketchUp Team may want to consider revising the 3D Warehouse models of framed walls.

A minor fine point, routine walls here are often frame with so called “precuts” which are:
8’ Precut-> 92-5/8”
9’ Precut ->104-5/8”
10’ Precut-> 116-5/8"

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