Side-by-side copy

Hi! I often copy objects one by one. Surely there is some kind of plugin for this. I am currently using the Move tool.

I think you are doing in the right way. By the way please, update your profile, it says you are using SketchUp 2022

I see that you are using Curic tools, so I suggest that Curic Space help you with this.

  1. Select an object and activate the Space tool.
  2. Enter the number of copies needed.
  3. Press the arrow keys according to the color to choose the direction for spacing.
  4. Enter “0” for side-by-side or a specific distance you want.

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without any plugin, you can :

  • press Ctrl key once more while using the move tool to cycle to the stamp copy mode in order to make several copies without having to do the whole thing again

  • make a copy with the desired distance, then type *x (or x *, as you wish) with x being the number of copies you want and hit enter to validate. It will repeat the first spacing x times.


Thank you! But it doesn’t copy if I enter “0”. Nothing happens.

Why would you enter “0”?

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.

@curic4su showed this way few posts above